Lead Pastor
Kevin Barclift
Kevin has served in various ministries throughout his life both before and after graduating from seminary and brings a heart for discipleship. After a season of growth and renewal, Kevin has been given the vision to plant a new church in the Waycross area with a strong emphasis on disciple-making, worship, and reaching the lost for Waycross and beyond. Kevin is married to his wife Cori and they have three children.  
Associate Pastor-
Administration & Discipleship
David Lee 
Tying together all the various ends of ministry requires an eye for detail, some technical know-how, and a servant’s heart. Many people work to keep us on track in our administrative dutie so that we can be effective both on Sundays as well as the rest of the week. Our Administration Leader works hand in hand with the Pastor and Leadership Council to ensure we are meeting our communication, financial, and compliance requirements. 
Associate Pastor-
Worship Arts & Discipleship
Eric Tomlin
Worship and presentation can be as simple as the Gospel presented on a hill, or can involve some of the latest technology of our day to create an effective environment in which to inspire people as they sing and learn of God’s goodness.
CrossPoint has a diverse team of creatives and technically-minded folks that are dedicated to presenting the age-old Gospel in contemporary fashion without sacrificing core doctrines of the faith.
Children’s Ministry 
Children are a gift from God! We value and cherish the opportunity to pour into children the very life-giving Word of God on a level that will help them grow.
Age-appropriate curriculum is provided to our children and for those that are babies, you can rest assured we have loving folks to care for them too!



Becky Jordan is our Children’s Leader

Student’s Ministry
Students have a unique position in life where all sorts of change and growth is happening around them all the time, and being connected to a church family is critical at this time of life.
Using the Bible as our source of life and guidance, our Student Ministry seeks to take important spiritual lessons and make them relevant to a generation that is under constant attack by the secular world, to inspire them to living a Godly lifestyle, and to be a light to their peers. 
Susan Livingston is our Student Leader
Adult Discipleship
 Discipleship is the heartbeat of CrossPoint. Sunday mornings are an excellent time for the body of believers to be edified by the preaching, teaching and singing of the Word. We gather together as smaller groups (called Community Groups) that place an emphasis on a more focused time of fellowship, prayer, and study apart from corporate worship.
These times and locations can be found on our Connect page.
 Our current Community Group Leaders:
Kevin Barclift, David Lee, Eric Tomlin, George Todd
Making both Friends and Family feel welcome alike, our Hospitality Team strives to give the best experience for those at CrossPoint from the time they walk in the door until they leave. Whether offering a friendly welcome on the way in to our worship gatherings or relaxing with a cup of coffee or light snack, we want folks to feel at home.
Vicki Catucci is our Hospitality Leader
Tommy Catucci heads up our Welcome Team
Community Outreach
We desire to connect with our community by going outside the proverbial “four walls” and working with our different neighborhoods and city to help them Know and Grow in Christ! We seek to meet the needs of transients by way of Red Bag, a unique ministry that seeks to engage with the many folks that come and go through our city on foot because of it being a major converging point of both rail and highway traffic
Andrea Deloach is our Local Missions and Outreach Leader