Andrea Mission Trip Updates

The school in Bethlehem has been connected with TTN Ministry for about 17 years now. There have been tremendous changes and growth through the years with the love, support, encouragement, prayers, and gifts poured out on them. God has certainly blessed this relationship! As the team steps into the schools to be with the children for the next couple of days, please pray specifically for:
Ally Chambers in the K-3 (3 year olds) Cindy Rigsby & Jean Watson in the K-4 classes Jennifer Sherling & Charlene Conner in the K-5 classes Marcia Connell & Gabby Hill in the Grade 1 classes Cassandra Sapp & Taylor Meadows in the Grade 2 classes Gail Blanton in the Grade 3 classes Jennifer Cox & Barbara Smith in the Grade 4 classes Irene Arnold & Gina Rowell in the Grade 5 classes Barbara Crosby in the Grade 6 classes Daniel Forsythe & Will Meadows leading music David Cox & Joe Meadows on the playground with Ra’ed Andrea DeLoach doing medical work Dee Meadows, David Cox, Jean Watson, Barbara Crosby, Joe, Taylor, & Will Meadows, and Daniel Forsythe in the Middle and High Schools (7th-12th grades) The entire team will participate with the programs at the high school Here is a summary of the events from the last two days::
The driver got caught in traffic and arrived about an hour late to pick the team up from the airport, but the team remained full of joy as they waited! Those smiles are contagious!!
Once they reached Bethlehem, their first stop was to see Grace. Grace is the principal of the elementary school and is such a precious friend. Her love for the Jesus, the students, the teachers, and the teams is abundant.
After arriving at the hotel and eating supper, the team met to pray over the activities planned for Sunday. This is such a great group – doesn’t it bring delight as you look over this amazing team??
Today, the team walked through the school, praying over every classroom, every desk, every chair. Some of the teachers came in today to prepare for the class tomorrow so the team stopped and prayed over those teachers.
One of the American teachers that serves in the school joined them in praying and shared with them helpful insights, giving direction to their prayers. He was so excited at the end of the prayer time and shared how he was looking forward to the next few days with this team. What a Faithful God we serve! He brought this teacher and this team together at just the right time!!
The picture below is of the team at the Shepherd’s Field where the angels came to proclaim the birth of The Savior! Worship arose from within them as they celebrated this wonderous occasion. Standing in this place, they had a glimpse of the awe the shepherds must have experienced that wonderful night.
Another unplanned miracle happened today. At the Shepherd’s field, the team ran into Nola!! Nola is the guide that has led Martha’s teams through the years of exploring the Holy Land. Everyone who goes with Martha falls in love with Nola. It was such a thrill for them to “accidentally” run into each other at the Shepherd’s Field. God is so Sweet and Good! His favor is already evident on this team.
Keep praying, friends and family.
Update 2
While we were fretting as we listened to the news, this team was operating fully under the Anointing and Protection of our Heavenly Father!
The team declared that today was worth the price of the flight, the months of meetings, the gathering of supplies, and the hours of preparation!  They would do it all again just for today.  But…. they still have tomorrow!!
The Elementary School students welcomed the team with a speech, posters, and many hugs!  The 4th graders sang a song that their teacher had written for this occasion, expressing their love and gratitude for “Ms Martha” and her groups.
Then the activities began!  The team divided up, taking messages about Jesus to every student in the school.  They made crafts, shared Scripture, and had age appropriate activities for all.  Daniel and Will moved from room to room leading the students in songs and letting them “drum” on their desks in acoustical rhythm.
Every student was given a gift to remind them of the Truth that they heard today.
IMG_1466 (2).jpg
It was a great morning at the Elementary School.  After lunch, they went up the hill to the high school in the drizzling rain to minister to the 7th-9th graders.  Daniel and Will led in worship which opened up the hearts of the students to receive what God had for them.
Jean told a story as only Jean can!  It was about a girl who had suffered through many difficult situations.  In her gifted way, she led them slowly into the revelation that the story was her own.  She was able to share how the Lord had led her in overcoming each struggle, healing her, and giving direction for her life.  Dee followed by sharing how Jesus can take our hardships and turn them into good.


The students were caught up in the story.  It seemed many were relating to the struggles of her life.  Great hope was given to them in finding that same victory through Jesus.
IMG_7598 (2).jpg


Dee led in an activity called cardboard testimonies.


After the ending prayer, the students were invited to talk to any of the team personally.  Many of the group moved among the students to listen to them and pray with them.


IMG_6107 (2).jpeg


By the time they finished, it was raining!  The team had to make a quick dash down the hill to the hotel.  As they gathered in the hotel to share, they were full of much joy and celebration.  Many had personal stories to share of how God moved among the students.  Grace also shared encouragement in conversations she heard throughout the day from students, teachers, and parents.
After supper, the team worked together to assemble the bags to be given to the teachers and staff tomorrw.  They also made snack bags to take for the trip with teacher to Galilee on Thursday.
So….friends and family….REJOICE!  Your prayers are making a difference and this team is so grateful for each one.  Let’s interceed for them as they go back into the schools tomorrow.  Oh what the Lord can do!!

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